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footballverse's Journal

Footballverse an Interactive Challenge Community
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About Footballverse
This community is modelled after the likes of whedonland, legendland and themiddleearth.

Please don't apply to join the comm here. You need to go to the application post HERE.

This is an interactive challenge community for the Football Fandom. This community is all about friendly competition and having fun :) There's four teams: Team Goalkeepers, Team Defenders, Team Midfielders and Team Wingers. You will be placed in one of them and you and your teammates will have to gather points if you want to win the Footballverse League!

You can win points by participating in the various challenges and tasks, posted in the main community.

There's three different types of challenges: Writing, Graphics and Games, so there should be something for everyone! And wouldn't it be a real challenge to broaden your horizons to stuff you've never done before? :)

¤ Read more about the Challenges here

Basic Rules

1. No swearing, you can censor it but it still best if you just don't swear in the community. This way it will be a nicer place for everyone.
2. No bashing of other members, other teams, football teams, football players, etc. Everyone has the right to have an opinion, just don't try force yours on anyone else. We are a place of friendly competition!
3. Don't type in netspeak, write proper English or you get yellow-carded.
4. Try to participate in at least one challenge or task every week. If you don't have the time, then don't join.
5. If you haven't participated in one or more challenges every week, you will be yellow carded. If you then still haven't participated in a challenge a week later, you will receive your second yellow, thus get red-carded and send off. This may sound harsh, but this comm is all about participation! Why else would you be here?
6. You can go on hiatus, however you need to report it here and your hiatus can't last longer than three weeks. Again, this comm is about participation, if you are unable to participate for some time, you get sent off. You can always join again once you have more time again!
7. Have fun, that's what matters the most!

¤ The rest of the rules can be found here

Footballverse Communities

¤ footballverse - the main community where challenges are posted
¤ fvgoalkeepers - the Team Goalkeepers comm
¤ fvdefenders - the Team Defenders comm
¤ fvmidfielders - the Team Midfielders comm
¤ fvwingers - the Team Wingers comm
¤ fvmanagers - the Team Leaders comm
¤ fvdressingroom - the newbies helpguide/faq comm
¤ fvtrophyroom - the trophy room, where past winners will be honoured
¤ fvassociation - the comm for challenge mods

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