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As you will have all seen in your team comms a few people have received red cards from the comm.
This is unfortunate but this comm is reliant on participation.

The next yellow cards (if necessary) will be issed next Monday so please participate or let myself or your team manager know that you can't.

The people who have been sent off are free to re-apply to the comm in the future if they find themselves in a position to be able to participate as per the comm rules.
To clarify this slighty...I give people plenty of time to participate in the challenges and issue a warning card before I issue a red card. There is also a hiatus post for people who are too busy etc. to participate for a time.
Essentially when they are given a red card they are finished for this season.
If however they contact me and give me a reason as to why they didn't participte and/or let me know I will consider letting them re-join this season.

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