shana (shana0809) wrote in footballverse,

Mini round!

Task: Give/Receive a holiday gifts from your fellow fv members

Deadline: 8th (5pm GMT) December for requests. 23rd December 1pm GMT 24th December @ 6pm GMT for posting gifts.


- Request a gift - simply fill out the form below and post to this entry (no team threads) before the 8th.
- Fill the requests when they are unscreened (You don't have to fill the entire request...unless you want to!).
Enter at the specific post which will go up when the requests have been unscreened. I will then put up another post (go me) with everyone's gifts for them to collect/say thank you when the challenge has closed.

Fill in this form to request a gift!


Name/Username: Shona
All I want for Christmas is... Icons something snow related, beautiful scenery, football stadiums, fic with Xavi as a character, fic dealing with Real Madrid's lack of form, maybe an attempt to get back in form?

Points: I was going to go with holiday cheer, but we could totally do points if you all want?
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