Sanity is a cozy lie. (an_inside_job) wrote in footballverse,
Sanity is a cozy lie.

Application Post

Rules for applying:

1. You must be a football fan, otherwise there's no point in joining
2. Please answer all the questions.
3. Your journal must be at least one month old and show signs of life (friends, posts etc)
4. You can choose between four teams: Team Goalkeepers, Team Defenders, Team Midfielders andTeam Wingers. If you don't have any preferences just put "any" in your answer and I'll allocate you.
5. Do not try to join this community. Once you are given a team you will receive an invite for this community and for your team's community. You must accept them here in order to be able to participate.

Note: You won't be able to always get your first team of choice because we have to keep the number of team members equal for all teams. Keep in mind that team names are only that - names. The important part of the team are the people in it!

Comment here with your application.
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