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Footballverse an Interactive Challenge Community
15.Aug.13@ 09:08 pm - Cuts in preparation for Season 8!
carlos default

I did a series of membership cuts in preparation for the 8th season of footballverse. If I cut you, and you wish to play, my apologies. Contact me and I'll be happy to add you back.

26.Nov.12@ 09:33 pm - Mini round!
b+w ozil
Task: Give/Receive a holiday gifts from your fellow fv members

Deadline: 8th (5pm GMT) December for requests. 23rd December 1pm GMT 24th December @ 6pm GMT for posting gifts.


- Request a gift - simply fill out the form below and post to this entry (no team threads) before the 8th.
- Fill the requests when they are unscreened (You don't have to fill the entire request...unless you want to!).
Enter at the specific post which will go up when the requests have been unscreened. I will then put up another post (go me) with everyone's gifts for them to collect/say thank you when the challenge has closed.

Fill in this form to request a gift!


Name/Username: Shona
All I want for Christmas is... Icons something snow related, beautiful scenery, football stadiums, fic with Xavi as a character, fic dealing with Real Madrid's lack of form, maybe an attempt to get back in form?

Points: I was going to go with holiday cheer, but we could totally do points if you all want?
11.Aug.10@ 09:18 pm - Open Challenges!
Football: Chicharito United Pride

CHALLENGE #1 - Pimp That Comm - ends 31st May @ 5pm GMT

CHALLENGE #2 - Sig Tag Revisted...Again - ends 31st may @ 8pm GMT

CHALLENGE #12 - Fic 3 - Define It - ends Monday, 30th May @ 8PM EST

CHALLENGE #13 - Who's That Team? - ends Tuesday June 7th.

CHALLENGE #14 - Bet & Win #5 - ends 6:45 PM BST May 28th


CHALLENGE #7 - Vamos Icons - ends Thursday May 26 @ 10PM CEST

CHALLENGE #8 - Fic 2 - Rivalry is True Passion - ends May 30, 4PM CEST.

CHALLENGE #11 - Bookmarks ends Thursday 2nd June @ 6pm GMT

26.Jul.10@ 07:57 pm - Bookings
TV: Glee - Kurt


As you will have all seen in your team comms a few people have received red cards from the comm.
This is unfortunate but this comm is reliant on participation.

The next yellow cards (if necessary) will be issed next Monday so please participate or let myself or your team manager know that you can't.

The people who have been sent off are free to re-apply to the comm in the future if they find themselves in a position to be able to participate as per the comm rules.
To clarify this slighty...I give people plenty of time to participate in the challenges and issue a warning card before I issue a red card. There is also a hiatus post for people who are too busy etc. to participate for a time.
Essentially when they are given a red card they are finished for this season.
If however they contact me and give me a reason as to why they didn't participte and/or let me know I will consider letting them re-join this season.

13.Jun.10@ 01:15 pm - Application Post
TV: Glee - Kurt
Rules for applying:

1. You must be a football fan, otherwise there's no point in joining
2. Please answer all the questions.
3. Your journal must be at least one month old and show signs of life (friends, posts etc)
4. You can choose between four teams: Team Goalkeepers, Team Defenders, Team Midfielders andTeam Wingers. If you don't have any preferences just put "any" in your answer and I'll allocate you.
5. Do not try to join this community. Once you are given a team you will receive an invite for this community and for your team's community. You must accept them here in order to be able to participate.

Note: You won't be able to always get your first team of choice because we have to keep the number of team members equal for all teams. Keep in mind that team names are only that - names. The important part of the team are the people in it!

Comment here with your application.
29.Jan.10@ 04:27 pm - Another Clarification Post.
Malec - Power Couple Extraordinaire
I'm personally affected by the current discussions going on, because I'm sticking a lot of my time in to organising this, so I feel yet again the need to explain myself.....

This is a challenge community. It'll draw the attention of a lot of differently minded people. This means in terms of who they support, what they write and things they may like doing.

This means I won't be able to please everyone all the time, but I'm doing the best I can to make it fun for everyone.

Sometimes, there will be challenges that have boundaries set around them. That's what challenges are supposed to be there for. To draw people out of their comfort zone, be it with writing or graphics making, or even playing games. You are going to be challenged. If I'm just going to have "Oh you can just submit anything for this!" challenges all of the time then there isn't any point in this community being here, now is there?

So yes, I may tell you "write ONLY about this" or "make icons using THESE pictures". That means I may use things that you're not used to, may post pictures of players that you're not too fond of. But that's how it's going to be. You will be challenged to overcome your own preferences! And you are NOT obliged to participate in every challenge, so don't worry, I won't force you too.

Also, don't take everything too seriously? The most important thing is to have fun! So please don't take it personally if I post pictures of teams you really dislike, or something like that. I try to come up with different things/subjects/whatever, to keep it varied and interesting for everyone!

This is a challenge community, prepare to be challenged.
29.Jan.10@ 11:33 am - About the no NC-17 rule
Malec - Power Couple Extraordinaire
Ok so the no NC-17 fics seem to upset a lot of you, so I'm going to let you all decide on that.

My main reason for not allowing it is because there will be a voting round after each fic challenge to decide which fic is the best out of them all (Top 3 receive bonus points) and if there's people that don't read NC-17, they won't vote for the NC-17 fics either! Plus we do have some youngsters in this fandom that I feel I have an obligation to protect. So I wanted to make it a fair vote for all. But instead I seem to offend the NC-17 writers :(

So you decide! If 75% of you vote in favour, then NC-17 will be allowed for all challenges.

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